Company Profile

The Idea

Sex is a powerful thing!

Sexual activity increases heart rate and is considered to be another form of moderate aerobic exercise, such as swimming or walking.

The fact is, sexual intercourse burns between 69 to 100 calories in a half hour. It is more fun than exercise outside the bedroom and sex can count as another workout option in a couple’s fitness plan for a healthy lifestyle.

What if there was a way to spice up the typically boring fitness routine with sex?

That’s what Sexercise is all about-—and much more.

Sexercise is an active lifestyle that provides couples with ways to combine sex and exercise with healthy food choices to keep fit, have fun and maintain happiness. is a health/wellness brand that publishes useful Sexercise tips and tools, while addressing common relationship issues with solutions that spice up the sex life. For heterosexual and gay couples who want to Sexercise, is the one-stop destination.

While sex has been scientifically shown to burn calories, can sexercise result in weight loss?

The idea behind Love2Lose is to conduct innovative science research on caloric expenditure from sex and the role of sexercise in weight management.


Encourage people of all ages to live a happier and healthier life through Sexercise.


Create consumer-friendly products and services based on Sexercise weight loss research.

Our Philosophy

At Love2Lose, we focus on healthy lifestyle habits. Not numbers on a scale.

We believe Sexercise can be a more fun, easy way to maintain a healthy weight for people who achieve their happiness from sex and exercise.

Our Team

The Love2Lose brand is owned by 2370095 Ontario Inc., which operates as d3 public relations (d3pr).

d3pr is a multimedia company that provides marketing, public relations and IT support for the Love2Lose brand, including strategy planning and methodologydesign for Sexercise public education and scientific research.

Peter Dolphin

Peter oversees all the operations for brand publicity, public relations and corporate communications. In 2013, he created d3pr to begin research and development of the Sexercise concept.

Prior to establishing Love2Lose, Peter worked for the Ontario Government providing strategic communications advice and webmaster support at the Ministryof Finance, Tourism and Culture and Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Peter holds a B.A.A. in Radio and TV Broadcasting from Ryerson University, aBA (Hons) in Mass Communications from York University and a Webmaster certificate from Seneca College. He currently leads activities for Sexercise public education and research: including systems analysis and application development for the digital platform.

Blair Smith, BA (Hons), MBA, CM
Co-Founder | Chief Marketing Advisor

Blair Smith provides L2L with strategic business and product marketing advice. His areas of strength are brand development, marketing analytics, content marketing and online media planning. Blair is a Professor of Marketing and Head of the Digital Media Marketing postgraduate program at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. He consults to the Canadian Marketing Association as a Designer and Instructor of the Digital Analytics course.

Prior to shifting his career to focus on learning experience design for marketing, Blair built brand marketing and digital media programs across industries with organizations of all sizes–General Mills, Evergreen Canada, Intrepid Group, Merit Travel Group, Government of Canada and consulting to SMBs.

He completed an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney, Australia; and a BA (Hons) in Mass Communication from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Blair is proud to be one the first 20 people in Canada to earn the Chartered Marketer (CM) designation from the Canadian Marketing Association for his commitment to professional excellence in the craft of marketing for himself–and enabling others to do the same. Blair has won awards for marketing innovation, content marketing and marketing mentoring.

Nancy Sinclair
Fitness Consultant

Nancy joined Love2Lose in 2013 as a Fitness Consultant to assist with the development of the Sexercise research methodology. With a background as a fitness blogger, Nancy plays a key role on the Love2Lose editorial board where is co-created our editorial framework. She writes/edits fitness articles and co-produces workout videos and content for our social media pages.

Andy De Santis, RD
Nutrition Consultant

Andy is the resident nutrition expert who is responsible for shedding light on the connection between diet, nutrition and all things sexual performance.

As a registered dietitian who also holds a master’s degree in public health nutrition from the University of Toronto, Andy operates a private practice in midtown Toronto where he specializes in helping people reach their healthy eating and weight loss goals. He is also an avid writer and blogger, which explains how he found his way to

Healthy eating and nutrition are Andy’s greatest passions, but he is also anavid soccer fan and player as well as a wildlife enthusiast. Nothing makes Andyhappier than improving people’s lives through improving their diet and food choices.

Loay Botany
Senior .Net Developer

Loay joined Love2Lose in 2017 to provide application development to program our proprietary content management system for

With a strong .Net background, Loay programmed secure website registration, user authentication, and data encryption to protect our customer’s data and ensure a secure website user experience.

Loay provides on-going application support and systems analysis for